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"I want to look beautiful even in the pool. I want people to think I am beautiful. "

Most fitness clubs and public pools, do not allow makeup. In other words, when entering the pool, you have to be bare-faced and make-up free when entering the pool.
However, women want to be seen at their best, even in the pool. One day, the development staff came across the idea to create ‘women’s goggles designed more for women’ while in conversation with a friend who had a crush on a swimming instructor at her local fitness club (unfortunately unrequited).

Regardless of whether you’re concerned about being seen by a crush, the fact remains that you have to remove all make-up when using the pool. And for many women, for psychological reasons, they don't want to be seen bare-faced. In response to her words "I want to look beautiful even in the pool, I want people to think I look beautiful”, the development staff had a revelation "Women can look beautiful in the pool, can’t they?

Planning development from a female perspective

As the pool has been recognized as a way to reduce stress, and can burn relatively high numbers of calories when compared with non-pool exercises, the numbers of women using the pool for exercise recently is increasing, not only swimming but also participating in aerobics and walking in the water, etc. This is one of the reasons why VIEWFRAU goggles for women with the sheer color finish were developed.

The development staff once again gathered the female team members who worked on developing VIEWFRAU, and spoke with them in-depth about “what is it that women want?”, “what do we need to do to create a more beautiful appearance?”

Wearing goggles = Wearing makeup

The eyes play a major part in creating the first impression. And many cosmetic products help create gorgeous bright eyes. However, goggles cover our eyes. And so this reverse-engineered idea was born.

"How about putting a metallic finish in the goggles?"
"That's good!"
All the women on the team agreed.

However, it took a series of trial and error to persuade the rest of the company and make it a reality. The members had different opinions on the base color but eventually agreed on stylish blue, cheerful green and cute pink.

Look your best with these goggles on and off

VIEWFRAU goggles are recognized for not leaving a lot of marks after wearing them.
In a questionnaire at the time of development, many people spoke of “persistent marks after wearing goggles".

To cater to this need, VIEW came up with a "super soft material" and "firm material" that fit gently on the skin using a new manufacturing method (patent pending). We also decided to use a face pad that is one size larger than conventional products to reduce pressure when wearing the goggles, and in doing so reduce any marks.
These innovations led to a new product that allows women to look their best with both their goggles on and off. And this time, the development staff made use of the characteristics of the new manufacturing method, and imposed exquisite lamé the balance of transparency and glossiness on the frame part which does not touch the skin directly.

What do you think of the behind the scenes tale of our product development from a female perspective? I felt our interview team (male) was taught how to pay attention to women's beauty. Such commitment in creating original products by VIEW is very impressive.



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