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Revolutionised Goggles!

Ultra low resistance racing goggle ‘Blade’ was created to give serious swimmers that tenth-of-a-second advantage.

Yohei Kato (Photo right)

Former captain of the University of Tsukuba Swimming Club (2004). Performs butterfly and individual medley. In 2003 he participated in the Afro-Asian Games as part of Japan’s national team, winning the 200-meter butterfly.

The most protruding aspects of the face have been reduced, allowing better flow around the eye-cup area. Depth has been designed according to the typical Japanese face-shape.

Core concept in development of Blade

After manufacturing a wide lineup of goggles for the fitness world, we still had a desire to provide even more for competitive swimmers and swimming enthusiasts, and that is how our resistance reduction concept came about.

We first observed the water flow around the goggles (see Figure 1). While swimming, a swirl occurs directly after it hits the eye-cup (lens). From found keeping this swirl as small as possible to be a key point in reducing resistance. And by repeated trial and error, we succeeded in minimizing irregular flow around the eye area with a diagonal blade cut.

Also, we reduced the protruding surface area of ​​the eyecup (See FIG. 2) by cutting areas that protrude from the face, while maintaining maximum visibility. Furthermore, by designing the nose-belt to be worn at the least protruding point of the nose we achieved reduced water-resistance.

Optimal fitting for everyone with our five nose belt sizes Two use specialized adjustable head straps

What did you think of Mr. Kato swimming repeatedly using ‘Blade’ as a test monitor?

To be honest, in the beginning, it felt strange on my face, but through communicating back and forth numerous times, we made improvements resulting in the current shape, that allows the swimmer to feel the natural flow of water around the eyecup.
You can feel the water behind the lens flowing smoothly and naturally. The difference was clear when I compared them with goggles that I had previously worn. I think that the level of competition rises. I will notice this even more.

I feel these goggles allow me to swim smoother than before. I think that these goggles will satisfy everyone from enthusiasts looking to achieve a personal best to top-level athletes pursuing 100th of a second. Also, I am delighted that there are five types of nose belts with different lengths, so you can achieve the one that suits you best.



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